Your donation can help Mark 1 Research & Development to keep running. We believe that Mark 1 will have application and assist human in coming future.

Your donation can help Mark 1 Research & Development to keep running. We believe that Mark 1 will have application and assist human in coming future.


Starting a New Project in 2019! (Sep 2019)

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The First Book of World

DIY Lifelike Robot Book (Published 19 April, 2019)

Appreciated for all Readers, Universities & Technology Organizations to order the book!

So far, “DIY Lifelike Robot Book” has been sold to readers in 28 countries and 93 cities, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, United Kingdom,  France, Germany, Israel, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Turkey, Australia, China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, etc.

Save time or budget limitation for assembly Learn more
We also provide 3D Printing Parts and Metal Parts for members purchasing.

Dream Makers Together Learn more
Makerland Forum” which wishes members join together to become a world team and share your creation through this online platform. Hopefully, it can improve “Mark 1 Robot” to have greater applications to help human in life living by your ideas. Believe that it may reduce the cost and everyone can enjoy the result of future.

Get fund or opportunity Learn more
Makerland Market” We understand that some members maybe not enough budget to finish all procedures. So, we have a platform named "Robot Makerland". Hope, it can help people that get fund or opportunity though this platform to post listing. Members can do some research and development though the book, and then to upgrade or recreate their lifelike-robot, 3D drawing, mechanic parts, programmings, 3D sculptures of its face, continuing comic stories or whatever related products to share it onto our Marketplace "Robot Makerland" to get paid.

Hope this information can help to finish your own lifelike-robot in future. 👍

Why not build one yourself?

The humanoid robots in the market have be invested over 100 million in research and development, and the production cost exceed one million. The general public is simply less likely to have access or enjoy the fruits of this technology.

Nowadays, Robotics is in the fastest development era. Its technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.) will be a part of mankind life.  And it will affect the development of new economic and new industrial in coming hundred years importantly.   If people could comprehend the foundation knowledge and make their own robot by hands, it must in greater helping for future world.

Within Year 2016 – 2018, “Mark 1 Robot” was honoured to have a great reporting internationally by many global media agencies and was invited to exhibit aboard.  Moreover, they rated it as one of Top 10 Beautiful Robot.